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Commercial Cargo Van Rentals That Offer Flexibility and Savings

commercial cargo van rentals

Commercial cargo van rentals from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso are the solution for transportation businesses with seasonal spikes in delivery orders.

In addition to providing great flexibility when you need to expand fleets quickly - often the same day - renting cargo vans offers benefits such as:

  • Low upfront costs. Compared to outright purchases, commercial cargo van rentals are less expensive. We can tailor the rental terms to the needs of your business, including daily, weekly and monthly agreements. 
  • Fuel efficiency. Large trucks may be able to haul more cargo, but can't match the fuel savings of a Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso commercial cargo van.
  • No maintenance headaches. If a cargo van rented through Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso needs repairs or maintenance, we'll simply swap it with a similar model that's ready to go. Your company is never without the services of a vehicle.
  • A high level of security. Cargo is always out of sight, important when a distant destination requires several days of travel and overnight stays in unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Large loads capability. Commercial cargo vans available through Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso are roomy, offering up to 2,000 pounds of payload space. Loading and unloading any van we offer is easy, with optional side doors providing additional access.
  • All-around comfort. All of our commercial cargo vans feature amenities such as AC, comfortable seating, power steering and power brakes, AM/FM radios, and easy-to-drive automatic transmissions.

Low Mileage, Well-Maintained Commercial Cargo Van Rentals

Every commercial cargo van rented through our dealership is well maintained by the mechanics in Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso's outstanding service department. Our low-mileage vehicles are clean and washed, ready to drive off the lot and go into service immediately.

Call Us Today to Rent a Commercial Cargo Van

If low-cost, no-hassle commercial cargo van rentals fit your company's business strategy, talk to a Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso sales representative today about the availability of vehicles and rental terms. Call 408-463-7300 or stop by our dealership at 1505 N. 4th St. in San Jose.

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