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We Help You Choose the Right Cargo Truck for the Job

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With a delivery deadline approaching, it's time to choose the right cargo truck. The professionals at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso can help you make the right decision for your trucking enterprise.

Our experts offer insight and knowledge that comes from being one of the the Bay Area's longest-serving truck dealerships. We're familiar with how the trucking industry works on all levels, because our customers include large trucking corporations and individually owned businesses.

Selecting the Right Cargo Truck is Important

No single truck type is ideal for all kinds of hauling. Good fleet managers understand the wisdom of selecting trucks based on hauling needs, not the upfront cost.
Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso suggests considering these factors when choosing a cargo truck:

  • A large vehicle capable of delivering a variety of goods incurs higher fuel costs per run than, for example, a smaller cargo van. Upfront costs are also more expensive than with a smaller vehicle.
  • However, smaller trucks that need several trips to deliver the same amount of cargo a large truck can deliver in a single trip don't reduce fuel consumption, either.
  • A truck that can be loaded and unloaded quickly saves time and money.
  • Light-duty trucks that are frequently loaded to capacity will require repairs and routine maintenance more often because of excessive stress to the engine, suspension, and transmission.
  • Vehicles that are easy to drive can save on driver training expenses.
  • A truck should be capable of pulling a trailer for jobs that involve carrying additional cargo.

New and Used Cargo Trucks for Sale

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso offers new and used cargo trucks for sale on our huge lot in San Jose. If you can't find a particular truck at our dealership, we'll make every effort to find it through our network of industry contacts.

Visit our dealership to check out our cargo trucks for sale, and discuss your financing options with a Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso sales representative. Call 408-263-7300 today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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